Advanced Issues in Cognitive Science and Linguistics

Xavier Villalba (UAB):


1. February 19: Basics of formal semantics (background to the pragmatic turn)
2. February 26: Intentional meaning: Marty, Grice, and Relevance Theory
3. March 5: Speech acts: Austin and Searle
4. March 12: A Model for Common ground: Stalnaker
5. March 19: Taking stock: issues in modern pragmatics

De 9:00 a 11:30

All sessions will take place online, from 9 to 11.30h am. If you are interested in attending any, just send a meassage to for obtaining the guest link to the Collaborate session.


Bart Geurts (Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen)


22, 23, 24, 25 i 26 de març del 2021
De 9:00 a 11:30

Normative pragmatics and the evolution of communication

  1. Issues in pragmatics
  2. Normative pragmatics
  3. Common ground, implicatures, sincerity
  4. Evolutionary pragmatics
  5. Folk psychology and mind reading