Linguistics Flash-Mobs. Epic battles in history

Eulàlia Bonet (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Pavel Caha (Masaryk University) debate the topic of ”Morphology”. Moderator is Diego Pescarini (CNRS & Université Côte d’Azur).

List of questions on debate

1) Is lexical insertion regulated by subset or superset principle?
2) Is late insertion necessary? If so, why?
3) What explains the lexical integrity hypothesis

Linguistics Flash-Mobs. Epic battles in history

“Linguistics Flash – Mobs” is a series of video conferences thought to be a way to keep the linguistic community connected during this troublesome period. In each conference, two seminal scholars will face long-standing theoretical issues making use of different frameworks: fun is guaranteed with these “sword fights”!

This project has been thought and organised by Cecilia Poletto, with the help of C. Gianollo, A. Giorgi, C. Guardiano, M. T. Guasti, M. R. Manzini, E. Pagliarini, E. Sanfelici, A. Tomaselli.

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