With the participation of Eulàlia Bonet, Hagit Borer and David Embick, the panel discussion “Grammar Architecture: morphology and the relevant interface”s, promoted by the Abralin Morphology Commission, focuses on word formation and its interaction to phonology and syntax. Eulàlia Bonet reviews and illustrates three cases in which a given phonological configuration has an impact on morpheme realization and non-realization. Hagit Borer investigates if – and how – acategorial Roots serve as input to Merge particularly focusing on the interaction between roots and Merge in the context of argument structure and complex words. David Embick discusses how Roots enter syntactic structures, and whether or not they have phrasal structure, proposing that certain objects, although built syntactically, are complex heads without internal phrasal structure.


Eulàlia Bonet
Department of Catalan Philology Faculty of Arts Autonomous University of Barcelona

Hagit Borer
Department of Linguistics School of Languages, Linguistics and Film Queen Mary University of London

David Embick
Department of Linguistics University of Pennsylvania. Moderadora: Indaiá de Santana Bassani (UNIFESP)