June 21-23, 2017
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

What has Generative Grammar achieved?
What are the current challenges?
What do we expect for the future?

For the last sixty years, Generative Grammar (GG) has been the dominant approach in the formal study of human language within the cognitive sciences. Building on classical ideas developed in a new context, GG provided the basis for a new wave of investigations that gave rise to significant theoretical and empirical discoveries, establishing a fertile ground for synergies with other disciplines.

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This workshop extends an invitation, especially — but not exclusively — to young researchers to pause and reflect on the current state of the field.

  • Have the recent developments yielded a corresponding increase in the explanatory depth of the theory? 
  • Has cross-fertilization with other theories beneffited the research?
  • Where have we made real progress and what questions should most urgently be addressed?

Based on these and other questions of this general kind, our goal is to assess where we are headed, why there, and what the best way is of getting there (or nearby).

The workshop will be structured around the contributions of a number of invited participants who will submit a position paper ahead of time and give short informal talks, which will serve to kickstart open discussion.

Students of all levels as well as professional linguists of any persuasion are encouraged to actively participate in the event, either in person or by using other modes of communication. 

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