Venue: Sala de graus, Facultat d'Economia i Empresa, UAB
Thursday, 26th
January 2017
8:45-9:15 Registration and reception
9:15-9:30 Welcoming
Chair: A. Pineda
Invited speaker: M. Cristina CUERVO (University of Toronto)
Applicatives without borders
10:30-11:00 **Coffee Break**
Chair: M. Sheehan
Víctor ACEDO-MATELLÁN (Queens' College, U. of Cambridge)
Spatial Datives as Affected Datives
Chair: M. Sheehan
Nora BONEH (The Hebrew U. of Jerusalem) & Léa NASH (U. Paris 8 / UMR 7023-CNRS)
The end of the path for the selected vs. non-selected distinction?
Abstract / Presentation
Chair: M. Sheehan
Ángel GALLEGO (U. Autònoma de Barcelona) & Francesc ROCA (U. de Girona) & M.Pilar COLOMINA (U. Autònoma de Barcelona)Micro-Parameters of Case Displacement: Leísmo across Spanish Dialects
Chair: M. Sheehan
Teresa CABRÉ (U. Autònoma de Barcelona) & Antonio FÁBREGAS (U. of Tromsø)
Ways of being a dative clitic: case marked Ds vs. animate locatives
13:00-14:30 **Lunch break**
Chair: Etxepare
Michelle SHEEHAN (Anglia Ruskin U.)
Dative extension in causatives: faire-infinitif in Latin American Spanish
Chair: R. Etxepare
Ángel JIMÉNEZ-FERNÁNDEZ (U. de Sevilla) & Andrés SAAB (COCINET - U. de Buenos Aires)Subextraction through doubled datives and beyond
Chair: R. Etxepare
Anna Pineda (CNRS - IKER)
16:00-16:30 **Coffee Break**
Chair: J.Ormazabal
Alexandra CORNILESCU (U. of Bucharest)
Ditransitive Constructions with DOM Direct Objects in Romanian
Chair: J.Ormazabal
Alejo ALCARAZ (U. of the Basque Country)
Dative displacement in Romance Clitic Constructions
Chair: J.Ormazabal
Ludovico FRANCO (CLUNL / FCSH / U. Nova de Lisboa)
The instrumental: Dative and its double
21:00 **Conference dinner**
Friday, 27th
January 2017
Chair: J. Mateu
Invited Speaker: Adam LEDGEWAY (U. of Cambridge)
Microvariation in dative-marking in the Romance and Greek varieties of Southern Italy

**Coffee Break** – Posters
· David Basilico (U. of Alabama at Birmingham) Applicatives and the Antipassive
· Jóhannes Jónsson & Rannveig Thórarinsdóttir (University of Iceland) Dative objects with novel verbs  (Alternate 1)
· Marios Mavrogiorgos (U. of Cambridge) Aromanian reflexive possessors
· Sebastià Salvà  (U. Autònoma de Barcelona) Unaccusatives Beyond Unaccusatives: Non-agentive but Affected Subjects in Old Majorcan and North-Eastern Catalan
· Egor Tsedryk (Saint Mary’s U.) Locatives and datives in Russian: to be AT or to be TO, and how high can they be?
· Mattie Wechsler (independent) The Lexical Underspecification of Bantu Causatives and Applicatives

Chair: A.Fábregas
Svitlana ANTONYUK-YUDINA (Stony Brook U.)
The Puzzle of Russian Ditransitives
Chair: A.Fábregas
Ana CALINDRO (State U. of Rio de Janeiro – State U. of Campinas)
Ditransitive constructions: what sets Brazilian Portuguese apart from other Romance languages?
Chair: A.Fábregas
Paola CÉPEDA (Stony Brook U.) & Sonia CYRINO (U. Estadual de Campinas)
Putting objects in order: Asymmetrical relations in Spanish and Portuguese ditransitives
13:30-15:00 **Lunch Break**
Chair: A. Gallego
Anders HOLMBERG (Newcastle U.),  Michelle SHEEHAN (Anglia Ruskin U.) & Jenneke VAN DER WAL (Harvard U.) – Movement from the double object construction is not fully symmetrical
Chair: A .Gallego
Rita GONÇALVES (U. de Lisboa), Tjerk HAGEMEIJER (U. de Lisboa) & Inês DUARTE (U. de Lisboa) – Revisiting dative constructions: A VP-shell based approach
Chair: A. Gallego
Juan ROMERO (U.of Extremadura) & Javier ORMAZABAL (U. of the Basque Country)
On the relation between prepositional and applicative constructions
16:30-17:00 **Coffee break**
Chair: V. Acedo
Chiyo NISHIDA (U. of Texas - Austin)
Revisiting dative clitic doubling through reverse psych verb sentences in two word orders
Chair: V. Acedo
Carles ROYO (U. of Barcelona)
The accusative/dative alternation in Catalan verbs with experiencer object
Chair: V. Acedo
Antonio FÁBREGAS (U. de Tromsø) & Rafael MARÍN (CNRS - U. Lille 3)
Datives and stativity in psych predicates
18:30-18:40 Concluding Remarks