Col·laboracions externes

External collaborations


Juan Uriagereka


Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland

1401 Marie Mount Hall

University of Maryland, College Park,

MD 20742.7505

Telèfon: (301) 405-7002

Fax: (301) 405-7104




Línies d'investigació / Research interests

Biolinguistics | Romance languages | Syntax

Publicacions recents / Recent publications


"The immune syntax revisited: Opening new windows on language evolution", Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (amb A. Benitez-Burraco)

"Estar = Ser + X" (amb Á.J. Gallego). En premsa. Borealis.


"Head movement in the clausal domain" (amb Á.J. Gallego). Dins A. Fábregas et al. (eds.), Contemporary Linguistic Parameters, 227-249. Londres: Bloomsbury.

"Complementarity in Language". Dins Á.J.Gallego and D.Ott (eds.), 50 Years Later: Reflections on Chomsky's Aspects". MIT Working Papers in Linguistics.

"Subordinación: Indicativos y subjuntivos". Dins Á.J.Gallego (ed.), Perspectivas de sintaxis formal. Madrid: Akal.


"Chains in Minimalism" (amb R. Martin). Dins P.Kosta et al. (eds.), Minimalism and Beyond: Radicalizing the interfaces, 169–194. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


Spell-out and the Minimalist Program. Oxford: OUP.

"A Framework for the Comparative Study of Language", dins J. Vonk & T. K. Schackelford (eds.), Comparative Evolutionary Psychology, a dedicated number of Evolutionary Psychology (amb J. Reggia i J. Wilkinson)

"The Archaeological Record Speaks: Bridging Anthropology and Linguistics", International Journal of Evolutionary Biology, special issue on Key Evolutionary Transformations in Homo sapiens (amb S.Balari, A. Benítez-Burraco, M. Camps, V. Longa i G. Lorenzo).

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