Mateu, Jaume & Renato Oniga (eds.)


Generative Approaches to Latin Syntax

Editorial: Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions de la UAB
Col·lecció: Catalan Journal of Linguistics #16
Data de publicació: 2017
Pàgines: 216

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An important impulse to generative approaches to Latin syntax was given after the rise of the new “minimalist” program put forward by Chomsky (1995). The research carried out in the “Principles and Parameters” framework aimed at studying linguistic variation, not only from a synchronic point of view but also from a diachronic one. On this basis, generative grammar faced some previous unresolved issues with renewed impetus. For example, see Miller (2000) for a derivational analysis of gerund and gerundive and Gianollo (2016) for a formal proposal of the syntax of negation and negative indefinites. The typological comparison between Latin and English within the theory of Principles and Parameters also gave origin to a new comparative syntax (e.g., see Haegeman 1997, i.a.), which encouraged the collaboration between scholars of Latin and other languages: e.g., new contributions have been produced on the analysis of infinitive sentences (Cecchetto & Oniga 2002; 2004), on verbal ellipsis (Cecchetto & Oniga 2104; 2016), and on the structure of noun phrase (Gianollo 2007; Giusti & Oniga 2006, 2007; Iovino 2012).

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