Andreas Trotzke – Discourse particles in second language acquisition

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Discourse particles in second language acquisition
ANDREAS TROTZKE (UAB & Universität Konstanz)

Divendres, 11 d’octubre de 2019
Sala d’Actes Frederic Udina, 15:30

Properties at the syntax-discourse interface are notoriously difficult in SLA (e.g., Sorace 2011). Here, I investigate the acquisition of German discourse particles in L2 German. My goals are twofold: (i) I propose that the study of particles can provide new insights into SLA research because these elements allow us to tease apart problems within syntax as compared to the lexicon-discourse interface; (ii) I investigate why particles are difficult for L2ers.


11 Oct, 2019


15:30 - 17:00


Sala d'Actes Frederic Udina (B7/1056), Fac. de Filosofia i Lletres
Campus UAB, Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Centre de Lingüística Teòrica


Centre de Lingüística Teòrica
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Octubre 2021
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